About Online Courses

OnlineCourses.com has been developed to help learners fully exploit the rapidly-expanding (massive) open online courses (MOOCs) now available. Open online education is a true game changer, bringing information and skills to millions of learners thirsting for knowledge and seeking the opportunity to better themselves and expand their horizons.

Today, anyone with a passion, an interest or a need is able to learn from the best and brightest minds at learning institutions around the world. The exponential growth of courses and materials freely available to any person with an Internet connection has made this possible, but it has created a new set of challenges that OnlineCourses.com aims to solve for its users.

The number of online courses available is fairly overwhelming. The EdX initiative began with 17 courses from MIT and Harvard in 2012. In 2014, EdX boasted more than 200 courses from 35 leading colleges and universities around the world. Other platforms and coalitions are seeing similar growth rates, such as Coursera offering more than 400 courses from 100 learning institutions.

Providing students with an impartial partner on their learning journey is critical. Figuring out the right course from the right source to meet an individual’s specific needs requires aggregating content from multiple sources, categorizing and tagging it, then providing a curated path to selecting the best fit. OnlineCourses.com provides that resource.

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Focused on the Fastest-Growing Segments of Online Education

There are many flavors and types of online education, but OnlineCourses.com has narrowed its focus on the two areas seeing the biggest growth and making the largest impact today and tomorrow: MOOCs and video lectures.

Why did we choose this specific path?

  • MOOCs and video lectures give online students the closest experience to being in the room with qualified educators delivering compelling, professional content and instruction.
  • MOOCs and video lectures are by their nature open and accessible to all learners.
  • MOOCs and video lectures are growing at a rapid rate, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 56.6 percent through 2018, meaning that learners already have an incredible variety of courses available to them and a landscape that will get increasingly crowded and difficult to navigate in the near future.
  • Video content is the most direct way to absorb education, as viewers are essentially getting the exact same experience as sitting in a classroom.

Selecting the Best of the Best

OnlineCourses.com has not set out to be the definitive, comprehensive, all-inclusive directory for MOOCs and video lectures. Instead, we've curated content that meets our high standards. Seeing a list of 23 introductory courses does online learners with very much value – our goal is to select a small number of courses in each subject that rise to the top.

In our listing, students will only find courses from high-quality sources. These courses will be reliable and have clear and accurate data for students. Selections will also be well-maintained, to ensure students are not spending time on courses that are no longer receiving support from academic institutions and faculty.

Aside from simply selecting the best courses, we have also set out to create a resource for learners that guides them along their educational journey. By categorizing and classifying courses, students will be able to locate the course they need right now as well as discover additional courses to take next thanks to our quality curation.

Our Methods

Big data is a buzzword thrown around in technology circles constantly, but in the world of education it means that institutions and individual faculty members are able to use vast amounts of information to quantify student behavior and resource utilization to improve their offerings at both the individual and class levels. For example, designing curriculums to gather data throughout the entire learning process enabled institutions to tailor customized modules, assignments, feedback and learning trees to ensure individual students all have success.

Colleges and universities are excited about the opportunity to leverage the exponentially larger sum of data points that MOOCs offer vs. the traditional classroom setting to tackle challenges from rating which professors give more compelling lectures to identifying which markets may represent an untapped pool of potential students.

We are also looking to utilize data to create the best possible learning paths and outcomes for our users. Attaining an understanding of who our users are, what they are looking for and their experiences with different courses powers our platform.

This data facilitates two types of optimization:

  • Continual improvement of the overall offering to ensure that only the best courses are offered and that they are presented in a clear and easy manner.
  • Tailored presentation for to each individual user based on their preferences, feedback and experiences.

Think of us as your digital guidance counselor that is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We know what you are interested in and what has worked for similar learners, so we can make the best recommendations for your online learning experience.