Free Online Teaching Courses

Teaching is a field concerned with instructing students of all ages, education levels, language skills, and cognitive backgrounds core competencies such as English composition, math, and science. There are numerous college teaching programs separated by subject area, grade level, and student population, but common on-campus and online courses focus on early childhood and secondary education. Courses for the former detail how to engage pre-school and kindergarten students with lesson plans pertaining to basic arithmetic, social skill development, and cognition building.

Why Take Free Online Teaching Courses?

Online teaching courses are very useful if you want to learn more about instructional design, sociology, early language development, and special education strategies. During these courses, you may ask yourself one of the following questions:

  • How can I gauge and customize my lesson plans to the diverse learning styles of my students?
  • How should I assess language comprehension and speaking skills in my ESL class?
  • Which core teaching strategies overlap and yield successful results regardless of what subject I am teaching?
  • Is standardized testing the absolute best method for gauging learning and information retention?
  • What are some lesson plan strategies I can use to engage my kids, such as the use of multimedia and open-ended, creative assignments?

Find Free Online Teaching Courses

Open courseware is simply a collection of online tests, video lectures, and related course materials from mostly prestigious universities from around the world. These courses are free, but you will not have certain student privileges like interacting with your professor and reviewing study material. However, open courseware programs are useful if you want to assess your enthusiasm for teaching and get a feel for degree program requirements prior to enrolling in a campus-based or online school.


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Cognition & Learning in Educational SettingsUniversity of California Irvine

Open Courseware

Cognition, Learning, Education
Taught by: Dr. Michael E. Martinez

Course Description:

This is a foundational course for instructors and teachers which focuses on theories of learning and related topics to impart effective education.

Teaching College - Level Science and EngineeringMassachusetts Institute of Technology

Open Courseware

Teaching, College, Science, Engineering
Taught by: Dr. Sanjoy Mahajan

Course Description:

"This MIT courseware is This video series covers the necessary knowledge and skills needed for teaching science and engineering in higher education. Primary audience for this video series is graduate students interested in an academic career or anyone who is interested in teaching. It is suitable for both a novice and experienced teaching audience. Focus of this video series is on the following areas, 1. How to teach equations 2. How to design homework and exam questions 3. How to use histories of science and other elements to create an absorbing lectures 4. How to cater your teaching for transfers 5. How to use foundational pieces such as planning for a course & knowledge of powerpoint"

Exploring Teaching and Learning in Tertiary ContextsUniversity of South Queensland

Open Courseware

Learning Theories, Education
Taught by: Dr. Shirley Reushle, EdD

Course Description:

Designed particularly for tertiary, or postsecondary, educators, this online course focuses on the teaching and learning theories used in tertiary classroom environments. Through this open courseware, you will be able to identify and practice methods of teaching at the postsecondary level. During this class, you will also have the opportunity to assess your own teaching abilities and learn about important characteristics successful tertiary educators should possess. To attend this course, you must have access to a classroom or other learning setting in a college or university environment.